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Florfenicol Injection

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Product manual
【Veterinary Drug Name】

Common name: florfenicol injection

The main component of florfenicol, chemical name [R - (R1.T)] - 2,2-dichloro-N- (fluoromethyl) -2-hydroxy-2- [4- (methyl Sulfonyl) phenyl] ethyl} acetamide.

【Properties】 This product is slightly yellow clear liquid.

[Role and use] amide alcohol antibiotics. For Pasteurella and Escherichia coli infection.

【Usage and Dosage】 Intramuscular injection: one time use,per 1kg body weight, chicken 0.4ml, pig 0.3 ~ 0.4ml; every 48 hours one time, Continuous use 2 times.

Adverse reactions (1) This product is higher than the recommended dose of a certain degree of immunosuppressive effect. (2) with embryo toxicity, pregnancy and lactation livestock with caution.

【Note】 (1) laying period of laying hens Forbidden. (2) Vaccine or immunocompromised severely disabled animals Forbidden. 3) renal insufficiency of the need for appropriate reduction or prolonged drug delivery interval.

[Off] pigs on the 14th, chicken 28 days.

【Specification】 100ml: 5g

【Packing】 100ml / bottle

【Storage】 closed storage.